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Facing criminal charges can be  frightening and overwhelming.  The consequences of a criminal conviction can be far reaching.  Salma Jaffer understands this, and is committed to helping her clients through this process by giving them the legal defence that they need to fight their way effectively through the criminal justice system. 


Through her years of practicing exclusively in criminal law within a large criminal defence firm in Toronto, Salma has developed an approach to her practice that focuses first and foremost on her clients.  Each case is unique, as is each client who walks into her office, and Salma believes that the best defence for each client starts to build from  that very first meeting. 


With her skills, her knowledge, her experience and her compassion, Salma will be the advocate you rely upon, the advocate you trust. 


Salma will give you a free consultation to discuss your case, and your options.  Call her or send her an email. 

I work hard to give my clients the strongest and most zealous defence, whatever their charges may  be.                                                                                                                                  Salma J.

Salma Jaffer Defence Lawyer
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